How To Apply

Applying TotalRoof 100% Silicone Roof Coating couldn’t be much easier.

99.9% of installs will follow the steps below:

  1. Clean roof surface with a power washer, preparing it to receive coating. Use a minimum of 2,000 psi of water pressure. Be sure all loose dirt and debris is removed.
  2. Once roof is dry, make any necessary repairs to drains, seams, flashings, and fasteners to get them in good working condition.
  3. Perform adhesion tests and, if necessary, apply a primer to your roof to improve coating adhesion.
  4. After making repairs, apply coating at the proper rate for your roof type. Use a medium nap roller to spread the coating out as evenly as possible.
  5. Clean all tools and equipment with mineral spirits. Do not use water.

What is the proper coverage rate for my roof?

Substrate Recommended Mil Thickness Recommended Gallons/ Square Square Feet/ Bucket Marking Square Size
Aged Asphalt 30 2.5 200 14’x14′
Campers 25 2 250 16’x16′
Concrete 30 2.5 200 14’x14′
EPDM 25 2 250 16’x16′
Granulated Cap Sheet 30 2.5 200 14’x14′
Hypalon 25 2 250 16’x16′
Metal Roof Panel 25 2 250 16’x16′
Modified Bitumen 35 3 167 13’x13′
PVC 25 2 250 16’x16′
Silicone Coated 20 1.5 333 18’x18′
Skylight 20 1.5 333 18’x18′
Smooth Surface BUR 35 3 167 13’x13′
SPF 20 1.5 333 18’x18′
TPO 25 2 250 16’x16′

Using Roof Marking to control your thickness

Roof marking is a common method used to ensure you install the proper amount of coating on all areas of your roof. Basically, you create a grid on your roof, made up of 10×10 squares. Then, using the chart above, you determine how much coating you need to apply within each square. This keeps your thickness accurate and consistent.

You can use chalk, spray paint, a sharpie; anything highly visible to mark off the squares.

Items Needed

To complete a roof coating from start to finish, you’ll need a power washer, a leaf blower, a stiff bristled broom, a medium nap paint roller, a long handle to keep you from bending down all day, and mineral spirits.

Application Videos

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