100% Silicone Skylight Coating

Get a seamless membrane on your roof while still allowing light to enter

The only line of silicone products that includes a translucent skylight sealer:

  • Permit natural light into your home, office, or warehouse.
  • Ties in seamlessly to other roof coatings, meaning no leaks
  • Extremely easy application


Our skylight coating is designed and optimized for application over fiberglass skylights, but it can work on just about any skylight out there.

100% Silicone

Limited 50 Year Warranty

Reduces Your Energy Costs

Resists Ponding Water

Covers up to 300 sq ft

Permit natural light into your building.


Simple application:

  1. Clean the skylight surface
  2. Apply skylight coating
  3. Clean your equipment


Skylight coating is available in 2 or 5 gallon pails and is translucent in color.

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